Our experience spans the United States, with considerable staff experience in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, California, the Great Lakes, the Northeast, and the Mid-Atlantic states.

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  • Aquatic Ecology & Floodplain Science
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  • Fisheries
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Water Resources Management

Adult Fish Counting

chehalis cottonwood study, aquatic restoration

Chehalis Cottonwood Study

creek restoration work, aquatic restoration

Stream Restoration


FERC Compliance and Biological Habitat Evaluations

fish hatchery

Fish Hatchery Infrastructure and Operations Assessment

forested wetland

Forested Wetland Effectiveness Project Study

hatchery management

Hatchery and Genetic Management Plans Update

hydro dam

Hydroelectric Dam Temperature Control Structure Evaluation

juvenile salmon collector

Juvenile Salmonid Collector Evaluation


River Data Management System


Total Dissolved Gas Survival Study