FERC Compliance and Biological Habitat Evaluations

Four Peaks is providing technical and regulatory support for evaluating water quality and biological habitat changes associated with Clean Water Section 401 compliance and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license requirements for a major utility in Central Washington. As a deliverable for the project, Four Peaks produced a comprehensive report that evaluated fisheries and water quality data that were collected as part of a 10-year adaptive management program that was required as a condition of the FERC license and Clean Water Act Section 401 certification. The report evaluated instream flow and water quality conditions, salmonid distribution and behavior data, riparian improvement feasibility, and other covariates that interact with dam operations and explain river productivity. The information compiled in the report was used as a basis for evaluating the biological uses that can be achieved in a nearby waterbody. Four Peaks continues to provide support for this client by working with federal and state regulators with the associated water quality compliance review. 

FERC Compliance and Biological Habitat Evaluations Team

  • Pradeep Mugunthan, water quality lead
  • Megan Stachura, data analyst

At A Glance:

Client Type: Utility

Location: Washington

Project Timeline: 2018-2019

Services Provided:

Project Manager: Joseph Miller, MSC.