River Data Management System

Four Peaks staff originally developed and currently provide maintenance and hosting services for a cloud-based data management system for automated management, quality control, and reporting of fisheries data generated on an Oregon utility’s hydroelectric project. This system is used to inform management decisions regarding juvenile survival, adult stock assessment, hatchery management, and operational modifications and includes user interfaces for entering adult passage counts of multiple species, origin, and age classes. Four Peaks staff worked closely with our client’s fisheries scientists to establish data communications between remote data collection locations and the cloud-based system to transfer data and to automate key quality control and reporting tasks to ensure they accurately meet their regulatory reporting obligations.

Four Peaks migrated nearly 60 years of historical fisheries data from the legacy data system, enabling our client’s scientists to harness the power of historical observations in the data analytic tools provided by the new data management system. This structured and transparent approach to data management improves statistical accuracy and stakeholder confidence, provides efficiencies such as reduced staff effort and timely reporting, and allows for documented and systematic workflow processes that enable tracking and reproducibility.

River Data Management System Team

  • Megan Stachura, data analyst
  • Kevin McCraney, data engineer

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Project Manager: Samuel Haffey, MEng, PE