Samuel Haffey, MEng, PE

Sam Haffey works for environmental engineering consulting firm

Principal Engineer

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Home Office: Seattle

Service Area Lead:

Sam Haffey is an environmental and software engineer who brings 20 years of experience in data management for physical and biological studies to our projects and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and New York. Sam delivers tremendous energy and vision to our team as a founding member of Four Peaks Environmental Science and Data Solutions. Sam’s technical expertise includes development and management of environmental software systems. He has designed and developed systems that provide real-time data acquisition for monitoring performance standards, automation of quality control and compliance assessment logic, and online data visualization. These systems keep project teams informed and enable timely decision making for adaptive management strategies.

Sam has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Brown University and holds a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Sam lives in Seattle with his wife and two children where they enjoy city life and easy access to the Cascade Mountains and Olympic Peninsula.