Melissa Hambelton

Melissa Hambelton works for environmental engineering consulting firm

Fish Counting Supervisor

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Home Office: North Bonneville

Melissa Hambelton is a fish counting supervisor with 7 years of experience in fish counting operations on the Columbia River. Melissa is a lynchpin in our fish counting programs, using her strong planning and problem-solving abilities to manage operations, counters, and client communication and to ensure the highest quality of data collection. With her educational background in science and business administration, Melissa also coordinates our North Bonneville office. She is multi-talented and resourceful, adept at tasks from building office furniture to training artificial intelligence.

Melissa has lived in The Dalles for 21 years and enjoys swimming and camping on the Columbia River with her son and daughter. She is also a painter, traveler, and animal lover and shares her home with a cat and a dog.