Karen Bartelt, MSC

karen bartelt

Floodplain and Wetland Scientist

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Home Office: Wenatchee

Karen Bartelt is a watershed scientist with over 6 years of experience in wildlife, biological, hydrological, and fluvial geomorphology fieldwork and analysis. An expert in how ecological engineers like beaver shape stream hydrology and geomorphic diversity, Ms. Bartelt is adept at assessing watershed, stream and floodplain, and wetland conditions across the North American West. She is passionate about how physical processes create the landforms that dictate ecological habitats. Karen’s skills include project management, GIS, spatial analysis, cartography, and a range of physical and ecological surveying techniques.

Karen is received her Master of Science degree in Watershed Sciences from Utah State University and has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Northern Arizona University. Karen in based in Wenatchee and in her free time enjoys boating and playing in rivers, music, skiing, and taking long walks with her dog.