Jungwoo Lee, PhD

Jungwoo Lee

Senior Scientist

Contact: LinkedIn | Email
Home Office: Chicago

Jungwoo Lee is a numerical modeler with more than 15 years of professional experience in environmental, hydraulic, and coastal processes and numerical modeling. Dr. Lee’s work includes water quality management and modeling, real-time algal bloom forecasting, salinity transport modeling, hurricane simulation, and 2D and 3D numerical model development projects. As a skilled numerical modeler, Dr. Lee developed a 3D unstructured grid ocean circulation model, the General Ocean Model (GOM). The GOM was developed by combining finite difference and finite volume numerical schemes, taking advantage of the computational efficiency of the finite difference method, the exact conservation of finite volume method, and the flexibility of representing complex geometry with an orthogonal unstructured mesh system. The GOM is now publicly available via the homepage ( ) and GitHub ( ).

Dr. Lee graduated from the University of Florida with a Ph.D. in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering. He also earned a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from the Chungnam National University in South Korea.