Grant Woodard, MSC

Grant Woodard

Environmental Scientist

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Home Office: Seattle

Grant Woodard is an environmental scientist with 6 years of experience, who specializes in quantitative fisheries management with an emphasis on salmonid populations. His recent work has consisted of developing a model using size at age data and environmental covariates to improve Sockeye Salmon return prediction accuracy in Bristol Bay, Alaska, and developing a physiological structured population model to assess potential climate impacts to zooplankton populations in the Bering Sea. He has conducted field work from Alaska to the Bahamas, including fish surveys, trapping and tagging, and biological data collection in the Great Smoky Mountains and Yellowstone National parks.

Grant has a master’s degree from the University of Washington where he studied Sockeye Salmon forecasting methodology and zooplankton physiological population modeling. Grant completed his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University where he worked in the Quantitative Fisheries Center researching salmon and whitefish.