Erika Rubenson, PhD

Erika Rubenson works for environmental engineering consulting firm

Senior Scientist

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Home Office: Seattle

Erika Rubenson is a fisheries scientist with 8 years of research experience in fisheries ecology, species distribution models, nonnative species, and warm water fisheries. Erika is a skilled scientist, program developer, and project manager, using data, models, and statistical analyses to develop creative solutions for complex fisheries challenges. Her skills include designing and executing large-scale field ecology projects using a diversity of tools such as radio telemetry, spatially extensive surveying techniques, myriad fish and plant sampling techniques, and eDNA sampling in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. She is practiced at analyzing complex datasets and providing clear results to stakeholders. Prior to her career in ecology, Erika served as a military pilot in the United States Navy where she managed training requirements, supervised up to 30 sailors, and planned multi-million dollar detachments.

Erika obtained her PhD in Aquatic and Fisheries Science at the University of Washington and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science from Northwestern University. She lives in Seattle with her family, and enjoys skiing, hiking, backpacking, sailing, or playing in rivers during her time off.