Alexandra Sawyer

Alex Sawyer

Fisheries Scientist

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Home Office: Seattle

Alexandra Sawyer is a fisheries scientist with over 5 years’ experience in salmon ecology, watershed science and management, and project management. Her experience spans freshwater and estuarine ecosystems throughout Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, and Pacific salmon habitats that run the gamut from old-growth watersheds to eco-engineered seawalls. Alex has led and supported numerous studies focused on juvenile salmon behavior and habitat use, life-cycle monitoring, habitat assessment, and restoration monitoring and effectiveness. She is skilled in GIS, statistical analysis, and a range of biological, hydrologic, and habitat sampling techniques. Prior to her career in fisheries, Alex was a project manager in the community-scale clean energy sector, where she collaborated with utility, rural, and not-for-profit clients to deploy solar energy and energy efficiency projects across the Pacific Northwest.

Alex is completing her master’s degree in Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University, with a focus in Fisheries Biology. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Environmental Studies, and International Studies from the University of Washington. Based in in Seattle, she is an avid puzzler (jigsaw and crossword) and is happiest when climbing, bike-packing, sailing, or simply messing about in boats in Washington’s wilder corners.