Chehalis Cottonwood Study

chehalis cottonwood study, aquatic restoration

Dr. Hough-Snee was the lead riparian ecologist on an interdisciplinary team of engineers and wetland scientists that evaluated the potential impacts of flow-modification on cottonwood habitat within the Chehalis River Basin. In this work, he paired hydrologic data, 1D and 2D hydraulic models, and remotely-sensed vegetation data and aerial imagery to map cottonwood stands and sandbar recruitment habitat. With this habitat map, Dr. Hough-Snee then performed statistical and spatial analyses to quantify how flow regulation from a proposed dam operation would impact floodplain inundation, sediment transport, and mature forest rewatering and seedling establishment. Dr. Hough-Snee was also the lead author of the resulting report that was submitted as part of the related State Environmental Policy Act Environmental Impact Statement technical documents.

At A Glance:

Client Type: Prime Consultant and Public Agency

Location: Washington

Project Timeline: 2018-2019

Services Provided:

Project Manager: Nate Hough-Snee, PhD, PWS